Guipure lace - fabric that makes clothes elegant and original

The Guipir lace enhances and gives elegance to the looks, making the outfit original. We will find the lace applied on dresses, skirts, blouses ..

What is lace guipure?

It is an original lace with raised motifs, which form arabesques.

Also known as guipir, gripir or gripier.

The guipure lace is considered the most noble of the lace, more sophisticated, that you will find in some pieces of clothing sold on the website 101 idées fashion store .

Guipure lace - Ethnic clothing - Bohemian or Boho Chic style

Whether for casual or more elegant looks, having garments in guipir lace is a guarantee of having a material that will never cease to be traditional and that can always be redesigned in current compositions.

Yes, they can be used both in events and in everyday life.

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The ethnic, tropical and floral prints make the lace dresses beautiful.

Nowadays guipure lace clothing prices are affordable, you can find quality dresses at a price of $45.25 .

See also tunics with ethnic prints, they are very popular in summer and t-shirts with applications of guipure lace.