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What is boho chic?

The boho or bohemian style blends a lot with relaxed situations, relax.

It is one of the biggest fashion trends.

It was at Coachella that fashion trends gained greater popularity, as is the case with boho chic, ethnic fashion, hippie.

The idea of boho chic is to mix more sophisticated garments with simpler pieces, of the most varied styles to create a relaxed look.

In the boho there are references from the most varied tribes, with elements of ethnic, hippie, folk, vintage, punk, etc.

It is this characteristic of accepting mixtures and personalizations that makes boho so popular and easy to adapt.

Our company, 101 idées fashion store , always followed this trend, it is a fashion that is not out of fashion.

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In the same boho look we can find jewelry, metallic bracelets, punk-influenced boots and jeans, and flowing lace pieces with a more hippie style.

The important thing is to transmit personality and give that face of purposefully irreverent!

History of the boho or bohemian style

The boho chic style, or bohemian chic, appeared in 2003 in England at the music festival called Glastonbury.

In 2004 the style quickly gained prominence, but it seemed to be falling by the wayside until in 2009 it was recovered and became the darling of some celebrities.

boho look

The long dress, tunics, long skirt are the face of the boho style! Combine with other light and relaxed pieces, such as shoulder-to-shoulder blouse and tacks bag to bring hippie and punk influences to the look.

Finish off with gypsy-influenced jewelry and rock the boho chic style!

The kimonos! Combined with the destroyed pants and the natural stone bracelet, the look becomes cool and boho-like!